Rostec Presents Modernized Underwater Headset

Rostec Presents Modernized Underwater Headset

Photo: Anton Tushin

The Avtomatika Concern presented the upgraded IVA S/W mobile radio system for underwater communications at the Svyaz-2020 international exhibition. The new version is lighter and allows communication and data transmission underwater at a distance of up to 150 meters. The signal can pass through the "water-ice-air" border. An experimental batch is planned to be manufactured in early 2021. 

The device allows to organize communication in intermediate layers of water, in conditions of hydroacoustic noise, as well as in the presence of obstacles in the path of signal propagation. The signal transmission range does not depend on the waves of water, its temperature or underwater currents. 

“The solution can perform any task that requires stable voice communications underwater. A mobile radio system for wireless underwater communication can be used by both the special services of the Russian Federation and organizations and commercial structures engaged in researching the underwater environment. An industrial prototype has now been created and is being tested in the Barents Sea,” commented Vladimir Kabanov, General Director of the Avtomatika Concern. 

The main modules of the submarine radio are a transceiver, an antenna, a full-face mask with a communication headset, and communication controllers. The mask has standard connectors to link to air hoses. Connecting wires and overall dimensions of the radio system allows to place its modules on scuba gear so that a diver does not experience interference. To accompany diving groups from the surface, a version of a surface communication headset is used.