Rostec to Create Russia's First Production of High-Purity Germanium


Rostec to Create Russia's First Production of High-Purity Germanium

Shvabe Holding (part of Rosteс State Corporation) plans to launch production of a high-purity material, germanium semimetal. It is used in the manufacture of infrared optics, fiber optic systems, semiconductor diodes, and gamma ray-detecting devices. The element is also part of photovoltaic converters that are widely used in solar energy. Currently, Russia has not produced high-purity germanium.

High purity germanium is a material with a purity of up to 99.9999999999999%. For reference, the standard purity of germanium produced in Russia is 99.999%. There is need for detecting gamma radiation devices in various industries. The need for gamma ray detectors is observed today in various industries.

In addition, germanium is ideal for the manufacture of lenses used in infrared optical systems. Material transmits radiation in the range of 2-16 microns. Both military and civilian systems operate in this range. The maximum range of such devices depends on the diameter of the lens. At present, germanium monocrystals are also used to manufacture lenses with a diameter of at least 250 mm.

Besides on board of spacecraft solar batteries on germanium panels supply electricity to all devices and charge electrochemical batteries. The use of germanium gives solar panels greater mechanical strength and reduces the overall weight of the construction. Products made of germanium are superior to traditional silicon counterparts in terms of the efficiency of converting solar energy into electrical energy.