As a responsible employer, State Corporation "Rostec" pays significant attention to addressing social issues and developing the infrastructure that meets the needs of the people employed by the Corporation and the entities under its umbrella.

Rostec's integrated social policies are primarily aimed at increasing the impact of social spending and establishing a social policy governance system designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Ensuring guaranteed social safety net for all categories of employees;

  • Unifying all social policies and applying them in all of the Corporation's holdings and entities;

  • Directing the Corporation's focus at recruiting and retaining highly qualified professionals who have the skills required for implementing Rostec's Development Strategy; and

  • Tailoring the elements of the social policies to employees' individual needs and aspirations and developing an individualized approach.

To meet these goals, Rostec has developed uniform social policy standards based on best practices of implementing similar programs at the leading Russian companies as well as the past approaches to their implementation by the entities under the Corporation's umbrella.

At the heart of the Standards is the so-called "buffet" approach, which allows the employees to pick and choose the components of their corporate benefits package from among the available options and limits. Health insurance coverage and extended financial assistance are the two non-discretionary elements of their benefits packages.

Corporation's Housing Program

In accordance with Rostec's Housing Program, employees receive the support in three key areas:

  • Repayment of, or subsidy on mortgage interest/downpayments;

  • Repayment of, or subsidy on rent and utility payments; and

  • Logistical, procedural, and financial support to housing development cooperatives of employees of the Corporation's entities engaged in the defense industry.

The program provides lower interest rates to employees and offers them conditions that are more advantageous than standard market offers. The mortgage program is being run in collaboration with the Corporation's partner banks and the partner banks of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending with which the Corporation has relevant agreements. The employees entitled to participate in the Housing Program are chosen by the Corporation and its entities based on various professional and social factors and the length of their service. In 2016, all of the Corporation's holding companies joined the Housing Program.

To create an additional source of funding for the Housing Program and to provide reserves for meeting the Corporation's long-term social obligations to employees, a Social Development Fund has been established and is being funded from the sale of non-core social facilities and amenities owned by the Corporation's entities.

Non-State Pension Schemes

The Corporation has launched a project to consolidate its retirement assets and create a single Rostec non-state pension fund by merging several non-state pension funds within the structure of the Corporation (NPF First Industrial Alliance, NPF Avtovaz, NPF Rostvertol). The merger aims to improve the efficiency of pension assets management and the development of pension schemes.

Health Insurance Plans

Rostec's health insurance plans are implemented in collaboration with the Corporation's authorized entity LLC "Insurance broker RT-Insurance" and the market leader in health insurance services SOGAZ. As a result of this join effort the Corporation is able to provide to its employees the best insurance programs available.

Wellness Checks and Physicals

Rostec pays particular attention to workplace safety, workers' health protection, prevention of occupational diseases, and effective medical care provided to employees at the expense of the Corporation's companies.

To this end, the Corporation has set up the workplace delivery of medical assistance and introduced annual physicals and preventative wellness checks for employees – measures that allow to significantly improve the work environment and prevent diseases.

Through the efforts of the entities under the Corporation's umbrella, an Industrial Medicine vector is being developed. New end-to-end medical exam schedules are being prepared and mobile medical facilities, including digital photofluorographs, laboratories, portable ultrasound, MRI and telemedicine devices, are being procured and installed.

The JSC "Centeraviamed" medical clinic has undertaken the functions of the Corporation's main medical subdivision, and now it provides medical exams and wellness checks to the employees of Rostec's entities not only in Moscow and the Moscow region but also in the major Russian cities, such as St. Petersburg, Stavropol, Ryazan, Kazan, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Taganrog, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk, etc.

Workplace and Industrial Safety

Rostec's budget umbrella covers more than 150 entities that operate extremely hazardous production facilities. This amplifies the importance of the Corporation's social accountability and creates the mandate to mitigate the potential risks.

For this purpose, Rostec has created the Industrial Safety vector. Its main tasks are:

  • To create the Corporation's integrated industrial safety system;

  • To facilitate the implementation of changes in the field of industrial safety; and

  • To develop the concept, the strategy, the incentives, and the decision-making systems for managing the field.

To achieve these objectives, Rostec is carrying out various measures aimed at creating its comprehensive industrial safety system, namely:

  • Obtaining an objective snapshot of the state of industrial safety at each entity;

  • Creating a single technical policy, standards, requirements, and methodologies in the area of industrial safety and workplace protection;

  • Ensuring high quality of executives' management decisions made in the course of carrying out activities related to industrial and workplace safety; and

  • Improving corporate culture, defining corporate values and beliefs, and refining production practices.

Health Resort Services

Rostec and its companies offer their employees a wide range of health resort services designed to maintain their health, prevent occupational diseases, and create proper conditions for the high quality of their leisure and, as a consequence, increasing their motivation and efficiency.