At Rostec, there is a clear understanding that the development of applied science has become a matter of vital importance. Achievements in this field are the very foundation on which the economic prosperity of both the Corporation and the entire country is built on.

Rostec's innovative development is being implemented in accordance with the Corporation's Development Strategy within the framework of its 2016-2020 Innovative Development Program (IDP).

The IDP has been prepared on the basis of the Development Forecast for Science, Engineering, and Technology at Rostec and Its Entities for up to Year 2025 as well as the Program of Scientific and Technical Development up to Year 2020.

The oversight and management of innovative development at Rostec is carried out by the Science and Technology Council and is executed at three levels: Corporation – Holding Company – Entity.

At each of these three levels, Rostec's IDP is implemented via two main directions:

  • Internal (closed) innovations, which involve internal R&D to create competitive products and technologies, including both the basic and vital products and technologies; retooling the Corporation's entities; wide application of advanced production technologies, including the computer-aided design and modeling; production and management processes automation and robotics; additive technologies; and new materials and constructions; and

  • Open innovations, which involve wide collaboration of Rostec's entities and holding companies with an external innovation community, including innovation developers, universities, scientific research institutions, startups, and other organizations, in order to facilitate the joint development and launch of globally competitive products and technologies using external technological expertise.

To accelerate the development of open innovations, Rostec operates the Center for Open Innovation. Its goal is to support Rostec companies in implementing open innovation tools and technologies, including the systems for managing unique technological expertise and the needs in external innovation as well as in organizing the collaboration with the external innovation community.

External innovative proposals and projects at the Corporation are accepted and reviewed via the so-called Open Innovations Window.

The Corporation, its holding companies, and entities annually review the results of their IDP implementation efforts, which are then presented in the form of reports.