MIS-462 Microscope: Invisible Visible

MIS-462 Microscope: Invisible Visible

This year, the Shvabe holding company launched production of a model range of MIS microscopes with photo and video recording functions. The new product of the holding company, MIS-462, has a wide range of optical and digital zoom and PC connection.

The first microscopes were invented hundreds years ago, and since then their evolution has never stopped. With the course of time and emergence of new technologies the tasks and objectives become more complex, and the design of devices becomes more sophisticated. Today, there is a vast variety of microscopes, both optical and electronic. MIS-462 developed by the Shvabe holding company is an electronic digital microscope. Production of the new microscope was launched relatively recently, in May 2018.

As is well known, digital microscopes allow to analyse the obtained images on a PC, study objects both under the microscope and directly on the PC screen, and demonstrate the experiments to a large audience in an online mode using a projection device.

The new microscope is also equipped with a high-efficiency photo- and video-recording system with two functions. The first one, "picture in picture", displays the general view focused on the object of interest. This format allows, for example, to determine the quality of manufactured products during the research. The second one, "still frame", integrates photographs into video.


The main criterion for evaluation of any microscope is its zoom factor. The main distinction of the new device from the previous models is an improved visible magnification parameter: optical magnification of the MIS-462 microscope is x14-x80, and its digital magnification is up to x800. Another important parameter is resolving power. The MIS-462 microscope is characterised by resolution of 1080х1920 pixels, working distance of up to 120 millimetres and frame rate of 60 Hz.

Apart from its high performance specifications, the device ensures maximum comfort of use for the users: adjustable angle of view up to 45 degrees each way, energy-efficient upper and lower working surface illumination, etc.

As was noted by the designers, this new Russian-made digital microscope is cheaper than its foreign counterparts, and the workmanship level conforms to the highest world's standards.

As expected, the new digital microscope by Shvabe will be in high demand at Russian industrial enterprises. For example, it can be used for surface quality control and installation of electric components, and for inspection of micro welding of crystal leads, artwork masks of printed circuit boards and other parts. The new product can also be applied in healthcare, research laboratories, forensic investigation, jewellery and many other fields.