Vikramāditya will appear in India in the end of 2013

Vikramāditya will appear in India in the end of 2013


Officially Vikramāditya aircraft carrier (former Admiral Gorshkov) was to be delivered to the Indian party on December, 4 2012, but in September tests showed some derangements, including the steam boilers of the main propulsion machinery plant that failed to get into top gear, which postponed the delivery.

According to Anatoly Isaykin, the correction works and Bramos weapon installations are conducted on schedule and the aircraft carrier is expected to be delivered in the end of 2013.

Russia awarded largest military-technical exportation contract in 2004. It considered the modernization of Admiral Gorshkov, previously sold to India. The contract price was $1.5 billion and according to it Russia was to improve the ship and supply the carrier aviation.

Initially the delivery was expected in 2008 but the scope of work increasing resulted in multiple lay-offs. The new contract price is $2.3 billion, according to the additional agreement concluded in 2004, and the aircraft carrier was to be supplied with MiG-29K airplanes and Ka-27 and Ka-31 helicopters.

Source: RIA Novosti