Highly Modernized Tu-95MSM Made Its Another Flight

Highly Modernized Tu-95MSM Made Its Another Flight

Photo: United Aircraft Corporation

The highly modernized Tu-95MSM missile-carrying bomber made its another flight within the test program in order to verify the system and equipment performance.

PJSC Tupolev and PJSC TASTC n.a. G. M. Beriev, United Aircraft Corporation, are working together on the creation of Tu-95MSM.

The in-depth modernization included a set of required upgrades in order to improve the aircraft performance. As a result of the work, considerable improvement of the aircraft system performance and reliability will be achieved when used as intended.

The TU-95MSM is a strategic missile-carrying bomber prototype, a new version of the world’s most high-speed Tu-95MS turbopropeller missile-carrier aircraft.