Kazan Helicopter Plant has Certified a New Simulator for Training Mi-38 Pilots

Kazan Helicopter Plant has Certified a New Simulator for Training Mi-38 Pilots

Photo: Russian Helicopters

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has certified the operation of Mi-38-2/4 helicopter simulator produced by Kazan Helicopter Plant (Russian Helicopters Holding). The simulator enables comprehensive training of professional skills required for helicopter control. It will be used to train Russian civil aviation pilots and current members of flight crews.

Due to the possibility of reconfiguration, the new simulator is highly versatile. It can be used for Mi-38-2 pilot training, where the commander is on the left side, and Mi-38-4, where the commander is on the right. It takes only 40 minutes to reinstall the equipment, the entire setup is done by the Kazan Helicopter Plant's Aviation Training Centre staff members.

The simulator is equipped with a vibroacoustic platform that transmits sounds and vibrations of a working machine depending on flight conditions. It also can recreate any weather conditions: visibility, cloud cover, atmospheric phenomena, time of the day, simple and complex weather conditions. The visualization system includes Kazan and the mountainous-wooded area of Adler.

«Rosaviatsia has recently certified both the Mi-38 and the Mi-8MTV simulators, under the new aviation regulations. Earlier, in 2021, the Ansat helicopter simulator was approved for operation by the Agency. Today, KHP has installed simulators for all types of helicopters produced by the enterprise – Ansat, Mi-8MTV and Mi-38. Thus, we provide full training for flight crews using the latest equipment according to all modern standards," stated the press office of the Russian Helicopters Holding.