Rosoboronexport to Demonstrate Modern Army and Navy Equipment at Defexpo India-2018


Rosoboronexport to Demonstrate Modern Army and Navy Equipment at Defexpo India-2018

Rosoboronexport, Rostec's member, has been put in charge of organizing Russia’s joint display at Defexpo India-2018, an international exhibition of Army, Navy and state security equipment and systems to take place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, on April 11-14, 2018.

Deputy Director Vladimir Drozhzhov of the Russian Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation has been named the head of the Russian delegation at the exhibition, while the Rosoboronexport team will be led by the company's Deputy Director General Igor Sevastyanov.

“Defexpo India is one of the most important events of the year for Rosoboronexport from the marketing point of view. We count on it to discuss future opportunities and implementation of several crucial joint projects covering 200-plus essential aspects in military and technical cooperation between the countries. The event’s focus is of particular interest to us, since Russia accounts for a major chunk of India’s arms market catering to the needs of the country’s Army and Navy,” notes Igor Sevastianov.

Set up at Pavilion 1, the Russian joint exposition includes Rosoboronexport's 230-plus pieces of military equipment exported by the enterprise.

Of all this diversity, facing the most promising future in India and South-East Asia are the T-90S and T-90MS tanks, TOS-1A heavy flame-thrower, Kornet-E and Kornet-EM AT missile systems, as well as Kalashnikov's most recent assault rifles. Besides, foreign customers have already showed interest in air defense systems. This gives one sufficient grounds to expect regional militaries to pay attention among other things to the Pantsir-S1 gun and missile AD system and Tor-M2E SAM system.

In the Navy sector, Rosoboronexport's stakes are on the Project 11356 frigate, Project 11661-based frigates and patrol craft, Alexandrit-E-class coastal minesweeper of Project 12701, Project 21301 rescue craft, as well as Project 636 large diesel-electric and Amur 1650 diesel-electric submarines.

Rosoboronexport's specialists will make presentations and reports on “Terrorism Countermeasures and Law Enforcement” and “Cybersecurity: Systems and Solutions.” Provided there is interest, these two will be followed by presentations on armor and artillery systems, small arms and close combat equipment, special weapons and gear.

Yet another noteworthy event scheduled at Roboronexport’s booth is presentation of the photo book “Russia-India: Milestones in Military-Technical Cooperation,” sponsored by the enterprise.