Rostec Helped to Double the Capacity of an Indian Steelworks


Rostec Helped to Double the Capacity of an Indian Steelworks

Photo: Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)

The project developed by VUKhIN, Rostec State Corporation, helped one of the major steel companies in India to double its capacity. Moreover, the production processes put into operation made the plant more environment-friendly and cost-effective.  

Within the mass modernization of Bokaro Steel Plant, Eastern Coal Chemistry Research Institute personnel (VUKhIN, included in ORPE Technologiya, Rostec) developed the project and facilitated the commissioning of sulphate process and ammonia stills in the coke by-product recovery plant.

The steelworks modernization enabled the obsolete equipment to be replaced and coke gas treatment plant capacity to be doubled. Coke gas is a very important resource used for industrial processes. VUKhIN used advanced technology in its project to enhance the output of ammonium sulphate, which is used as a mineral fertilizer in agriculture.  

The new production processes at Bokaro Steel Plant was created in close cooperation with the customer taking into account all customer’s demands. For example, the project initially implied that Indian equipment could be used to achieve a cost advantage of the project implementation. The innovative solutions ensured high purity of coke gas and fail-safe operation under increasing product output.