Rostec Innovation Helps with Used Cars Verification


Rostec Innovation Helps with Used Cars Verification

Engineers of the Moscow enterprise of the Shvabe holding have patented a device for detecting hidden defects in restored car body parts by means of a thermal imager. Apart from metal structures, this device can also evaluate the condition of plastic and composite elements. 

Rostec State Corporation has patented a device that can detect defects left after impact or deformation of the body of passenger vehicles as well as analyze their repair history. The device consists of two cameras enabling monitoring, illumination, signal conversion as well as control and evaluation units. Moreover, it is equipped with a computer for processing received data. 

The device sends an impulse to the surface of a car body part by means of a thermal imager to reveal irregularities of thermal fields and identify hidden damage and deformations. 

“The technical solution developed by Shvabe specialists is one of a kind on the market today. The device will significantly improve the quality of control over the condition of car body parts. Further implementation of the project will bring vehicle diagnostics to the next level”, said Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec. 

It is expected that this device will be popular in car workshops, dealerships, and at the service stations. Appraisers, insurers, and polishers who control the quality of car paintwork might also benefit from using this device.