Rostec Launches "Tornado-S" Into the International Market

Rostec Launches "Tornado-S" Into the International Market

The Concern "Tehmach" of Rostec State Corporation launches into the international market the latest multiple rocket launcher system "Tornado-S" (9К515) with 300 mm guided rocket missiles.

The multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS) "Tornado-S" (9К515) is the result of deep modernization of MRLS "Smerch".

Compared with its predecessor, it has improved tactical and technical characteristics, in particular, significantly increased range and firing accuracy.

"Rostec State Corporation continues to develop new types of hi-tech armament. Among such new developments is MRLS "Tornado-S". The system has already received a promotional passport and is ready to enter the international market. Its main advantage is the use of fundamentally new 300 mm guided missiles with a range of up to 120 km, " said Sergey Abramov, Industrial Director of Rostec State Corporation.

A possibility of inputting individual flight mission data for each missile is provisioned in MRLS "Tornado-S". "300 mm guided missiles for MLRS "Tornado-S with fragmentation and shaped-charge fragmentation munitions is the latest development of our company scientific-production assosiation "Splav" named after A. N. Ganichev. They were developed on the basis of correctable 300 mm rockets missiles MLRS "Smerch" due to the control system unit, built on a strapdown inertial navigation system with support of onboard equipment of satellite navigation", - said the General Director of the Concern" Techmash " Vladimir Lepin.

The multiple rocket launcher system "Tornado-S" is intended for fire destruction of manpower, equipment, stationary and moving single and group objects. MLRS can be used against artillery and missile units, including precision weapons systems, in areas of concentration, on the move, on firing and launch sites. The system is also capable of hitting motorized infantry and tank units, command posts, anti-aircraft and missile defence systems, electronic warfare, aircraft and helicopters on the runways.