Rostec’s Innovation will Enable Locomotives to Avoid Obstacle Collisions


Rostec’s Innovation will Enable Locomotives to Avoid Obstacle Collisions

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Shvabe holding has created a new railway transport system that will enable switcher locomotives to avoid collisions with foreign objects along the route. The device measures the distance to an obstacle using the laser beam and features high measurement accuracy, temperature drop, mechanical and electromagnetic resistance. 

The collision avoidance system is mounted on the locomotive main frame and is energized from the rolling stock power supply system. Its principle of operation is based on counting laser beam transmission time from the instrument to the obstacle. The measurement range is from 0.3 to 50m. Measurement data accuracy is maximum 50mm. 

“Our innovation is currently unparalleled on the Russian market and is distinguished from foreign competitors by fail-free operation in adverse weather conditions and when exposed to mechanical and electromagnetic impacts. The system withstands temperatures from –50 ºС to +45 ºС and has a moisture-resistant enclosure with protection rating IP65. Such characteristics together with laser measurement capabilities allow the system to be used to control subway train traffic or for harbor crane facilities,” pointed out Vadim Kalyugin, General Director of Shvabe.