Rostec Signed a Cooperation Memorandum With an Indonesian Company


Rostec Signed a Cooperation Memorandum With an Indonesian Company


The Rostec State Corporation and Indonesian Trading company (PT PPI) have signed a cooperation memorandum.

The memorandum provides for cooperation of the parties for purposes of implementing the counter trade programme as part of the contract for the supply of multirole Su-35 fighters to Indonesia.

As part of the support for export of commodities produced in Indonesia Rostec agrees to ensure implementation of the respective counter trade programme pursuant to the obligations under the contract. The Russian party reserves the right to select the commodities and manufacturing partners in Indonesia. The agreement's structure provides for expansion of supplies of the most promising commodities produced by Indonesian companies to Russia. The list of commodities will be agreed upon by the members of the working group formed by the parties for purposes of performing the agreement.

Su-35 is a Russian multirole fighter equipped with an airborne radar and a phased array antenna, as well as thrust vector control engines. It can achieve a speed of up to 2.5 thousand km/h, its flying range is 3.4 thousand km, and combat radius is about 1.6 thousand km. The fighter is equipped with a 30 mm gun and has 12 mounting points for bombs and rockets.