Rostec has Commissioned a Ready-to-Operate Unique Unit at NOVATEK’s Gas Field


Rostec has Commissioned a Ready-to-Operate Unique Unit at NOVATEK’s Gas Field

Photo: Gazprom

Rostec’s United Engine Corporation has prepared a gas compressor unit for operation at NOVATEK’s gas field in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. GPA-4RMP is designed to improve production profitability at depleted and small fields. 

GPA-4RMP combines the benefits of a piston compressor and gas turbine engine and, therefore, is suitable for production at marginal fields where natural gas is produced at low pressure and gas-turbine centrifugal compressors are impracticable. Thus, the unit ensures more profitable and cost-effective production at such sites. 

“This is Russia’s and world’s unique equipment with such operating principle. It uses unique engineering solutions to enable profitable gas production at small and depleted fields by improving natural resource utilization. Currently, GPA-4RMP has passed all tests successfully and is ready for operation at NOVATEK’s Syskonsynyinskiy gas field,” said Oleg Evtushenko, Rostec's Executive Director. 

Reservoir pressure decline is typical of marginal fields. As opposed to gas-turbine centrifugal units, GPA-4RMP is capable of operating in such conditions. In addition, this unit may be operated in a wide temperature range and at high gas pressure, therefore it is used, in particular, at underground gas storage facilities (UGSF). In September 2022, UEC completed the preparation for tests of three GPA-4RMP units intended for filling Kaliningrad UGSF.