Rostec has Supplied the First Mi-8MTV-1 under a Non-Profit Leasing Contract

Rostec has Supplied the First Mi-8MTV-1 under a Non-Profit Leasing Contract

Russian Helicopters Holding has delivered the first Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter to KrasAvia in Krasnoyarsk under a contract with State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK). The contract includes the supply of 26 helicopters within a non-profit leasing program for air fleet modernization in Russian regions. 

Mi-8MTV-1s have upgraded lighting equipment which improves spatial orientation and flight safety. The helicopters will deliver passengers and cargo to remote villages in Siberia and Far East. 

“For many parts of our country, helicopters have been and still are the only possible means of transport that connects hard-to-reach villages with towns. All 26 new Mi-8MTV-1s will be outfitted with the advanced lighting equipment which is used on Russian helicopters for the first time. GTLK will receive 12 such helicopters before the end of the year and the second part of the batch will be supplied to airlines in 2023,” Rostec’s aircraft cluster reported. 

New LED-based aircraft navigation lights provided for the helicopter have improved color rendering and reduced power consumption. They will enable pilots to have better orientation during takeoff and landing on noninstrument fields.

The Mi-8MTV-1 features powerful propulsion, improved avionics and fuselage design. The helicopter cabin includes 22 seats and areas prepared for installation of medical modules. Modifications include provisions for installation of additional fuel tanks and of external sling system for transportation of loads up to 4 tons.