Rostec’s COVID Globulin Drug Successfully Passes Clinical Trials

Rostec’s COVID Globulin Drug Successfully Passes Clinical Trials

Clinical trials prove that COVID Globulin drug developed by Russia’s National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio), part of Rostec state corporation, is efficient, safe and capable of neutralizing coronavirus. As a result of the trials, Russia’s Ministry of Healthcare issued the permanent certificate for the drug. 

COVID Globulin is based on blood plasma taken from persons who have recovered from COVID-19 and so it contains antibodies to the virus. When injected, the drug helps the body to fight the infection and prevents the disease from turning more severe. 

According to the double-blind placebo controlled comparative trial, administering COVID Globulin as part of a treatment course has reduced risks of the disease aggravation for seven out of ten patients. The drug proves most efficient at the early stages of the disease. 

In 70% of cases, the COVID Globulin treatment have managed to prevent COVID-19 complications, such as cytokine storm, kidney failure, thromboembolic disorders, acute respiratory distress syndrome, increase of lung damage degree, and worsening clinical symptoms. 

“Today we are proud to announce that the trials of COVID Globulin anti-coronavirus drug have been successful. The world’s first drug based on specific anti-COVID immunoglobulin has completed two final stages of clinical trials, proving to be safe and efficient. The product developed by Nacimbio adds up to the set of tools Russian doctors can use in their struggle against COVID-19. Now they have both possible ways of immunization against coronavirus – vaccination is the active one and immunoglobulin is the passive,” said Sergey Chemezov, Rostec CEO. 

The effect of COVID Globulin is based on the antibodies working to neutralize the coronavirus strains circulating at present. Antibodies link to the protein located on the surface of the virus, preventing it from entering the cells and thus blocking it from spreading further in the human body. 

“COVID Globulin is made from the blood plasma provided only by donors with high COVID-19 antibody titers. The drug is highly pure and virus-safe and has a higher concentration of antibodies than the raw material it is produced from. The technology we use can yield a certain standard concentration of anti-virus antibodies in every dose of the drug, making it highly efficient,” said Andrey Zagorskiy, Nacimbio CEO. 

Treatment using antibody-based drugs is widely known across the globe and has proved itself against many infections, such as B-type hepatitis, tick-borne encephalitis, tetanus, etc. These drugs are produced by Mikrogen research and production company, part of Nacimbio Holding of Rostec State Corporation. 

The range of Mikrogen products includes Human Immunoglobulin Regular, Albumin, and other drugs based on blood plasma, including specific immunoglobulins, such as the novel COVID Globulin.