Shvabe has Developed a Heavy-Duty Ceramics Manufacturing Technique


Shvabe has Developed a Heavy-Duty Ceramics Manufacturing Technique

Photo: Shvabe

Shvabe engineers have developed a quartz ceramics manufacturing process using a special impregnation agent. The ceramics is resistant to corrosive environment and, therefore, has a much wider range of applications – from various refractories, including single-crystalline silicon, to metal casting molds. 

The benefits of the advanced quartz ceramics include its high heat resistance. The material is inert to hot glass or metal and resistant to other types of corrosive media. This allows to use it as insulator in thermal generating units, for making metal casting molds and single-crystalline silicon production crucibles. 

“This quartz ceramics manufacturing method allows to improve strength of products by more than 30%. It is cost-effective and requires no sophisticated process equipment. The manufacturing process involves processing of porous ceramic surface with a dedicated colloid compound that interacts with the material components and additionally binds material particles. The resulting properties enable the new material to be used in those industries where long-term heat resistance and low reactivity with contact media and materials are required – glass melting, iron and steel industry, and microelectronics,” said Sergey Popov, Supervisor of the Priority Optoelectronic and Photonic Technology Team within Shvabe.