UEC Engines Ensured Successful Launch of Soyuz Rocket

UEC Engines Ensured Successful Launch of Soyuz Rocket

Photo: Roscosmos

RD-107A/108A series rocket engines manufactured by PJSC UEC-Kuznetsov of the United Engine Corporation have helped to successfully launch the Soyuz-2.1b space rocket with the Fregat upper stage and 36 OneWeb satellites. 

The launch took place on October 14 at 12:40 PM Moscow time from the Vostochny Cosmodrome. The engines installed at the first and second stages of the Soyuz-2.1b carrier operated correctly. 

This was already the fifth launch of OneWeb satellites from the Vostochny cosmodrome this year. Low orbiting OneWeb satellites are designed to provide high-speed Internet connection. The first and second stages of all R-7 carriers including the Soyuz launch vehicle have been equipped with modified RD-107A/RD-108A propulsion systems since 1958. 

The engines are mass-produced after being tested by JSC UEC-Kuznetsov. JSC NPO Energomash named after Academician V.P. Glushko ensures required design support. The statistical reliability of the satellites exceeds 99.9%.