Rostec has Launched Commercial Production of the BAS-200 in Bashkortostan

Rostec has Launched Commercial Production of the BAS-200 in Bashkortostan

Photo: Egor Yurkin

Russian Helicopters holding has launched commercial output of the first domestically made certified rotor unmanned aerial system – BAS-200 – in Bashkortostan.

“The BAS-200 is of utmost importance for our country and is able to fulfill various tasks – from search and rescue operations and area monitoring to transportation of goods. It has shown good results during the tests, including severe weather conditions in the Far North. Many regions of our country show interest in the drone,” said the representatives of Rostec’s aircraft complex. 

The BAS-200 was developed by Mil and Kamov National Helicopter. The drone is designed according to a traditional single-rotor configuration and is equipped with a rotary piston engine. The unmanned aerial system consists of a ground control station with remote pilot’s and payload operator’s workstations, two rotor UAVs and transportation container. UAV can be controlled at a distance up to 100km from the base station. 

When control is transferred from station to station, the drone range is up to 400km. Payload flight time is up to four hours. 

The main missions of the BAS-200 include transportation of goods, search and rescue operations, geological exploration, aerial surveillance of forests and infrastructural facility monitoring. A wide range of equipment may be installed on the unmanned helicopter – gravimeter, magnetometer, spectrometer, optronic stabilized payload, etc.