Rostec will Show Internationally a Heavy Airlifter for the First Time in the Modern-Day Russia History

Rostec will Show Internationally a Heavy Airlifter for the First Time in the Modern-Day Russia History

Photo: United Aircraft Corporation

Rostec State Corporation will show about 200 military, dual-purpose and civil products at the International Dubai Airshow-2023. Il-76MD-90A(E) heavy airlifter will be the main premier – Russia has not demonstrated such class of aircraft internationally since 1994. Moreover, the first international appearance of the upgraded Ka-32A11M fire helicopter and 5.56mm Kalashnikov AK-19 short assault rifle will be held. 

The Il-76MD-90A made by United Aircraft Corporation is the in-depth modernization of the Il-76MD – it has more than 70% upgraded systems and units. In particular, more powerful PS-90A-76 engines, upgraded landing gear and strengthened lightweight wing have been provided. In addition, the aircraft has received a ‘glass’ cockpit – all information necessary for the crew is displayed on the multifunctional screens. An advanced defence suite has been implemented for countermeasure purposes.

Also, international premiere of the advanced small arms export version – Kalashnikov AK-19 short assault rifle – will take place. It is designed for NATO standard 5.56mm caliber that is widely used worldwide.

Military and civil helicopters are traditionally widely represented. In particular, Ka-52 armed reconnaissance helicopter is included in the flight program. Due to its specifications, Alligator is capable of performing battle maneuvers that are accessible only for a co-axial helicopter, for example, flat turn towards the target, high-speed lateral translation and nose-down sideslip.

The visitors will also see the Mi-171A3 – Russian first specialized helicopter designed for overwater flights and for servicing offshore platforms. It can carry up to 24 people – this is a record for the aircraft intended for flights to offshore platforms. 

A medical version of Ansat light helicopter will be demonstrated at the exhibition. It is equipped with a medical module to provide first aid and stabilize the patient’s condition in flight. The onboard medical equipment may include an infectious isolation box and infant transport incubator.

Upgraded Ka-32A11M fire helicopter is making its first international appearance – it is the first demonstration of the aircraft at international exhibitions. The helicopter is furnished with advanced domestically made SP-32 fire-extinguishing system, whose tank can be filled with 4 tons of water in under a minute. And up to 400 l of foam agent may be added to improve the fire fighting performance. The rotary-wing aircraft is adapted to using a water cannon to ensure fire fighting on top floors of high-rise buildings and in high smoke concentration conditions.