UEC has Improved the Engine Testing Technique

UEC has Improved the Engine Testing Technique

Photo: United Engine Corporation

St.Petersburg-based UEC-Klimov, United Engine Corporation, has developed and manufactured a new engine compressor outlet air sampling system. The improved technique will be used during power plant bench testing and certification for air pollution analysis.

The air conditioning system in aircraft cockpits uses the air supplied from the engine compressor which may contain harmful substances. The new air sampling and analysis method will help to monitor engine operation more reliably.

Air samples are trapped by concentrators previously prepared in a laboratory. Then the collected samples are analyzed using gas chromatographs at an industrial sanitary control laboratory.

“Air is tested for such substances as aviation oil vapor and spray, fuel vapor, aldehydes, tricresyl phosphate and carbon monoxide whose high concentrations can be dangerous to health. The gas chromatography method makes the analysis process faster and more accurate,” explained Kirill Terentiev, Director of Operations, UEC-Klimov.

All UEC’s companies are planning to use UEC-Klimov’s solution and gas chromatography method.